Monday, July 2, 2012

Quilt Labels by Machine

We have 2 sewing/embroidery machines and 2 sergers that we would like need to sell this week!  If you are contemplating a purchase, please call me (506) 328-6018 to set up a time for me to show you all the wonderful features that these machines have to offer.  

The Baby Lock Sophia II sewing machines that we have in stock have been slightly used.  Less than 1 hour sewing time on each machine.  These machines are small but mighty!  They sew very well.  They have the patented Baby Lock fully automatic needle threader that works so well.  Some of you are finding it increasingly difficult to thread your needle.  This machine takes care of that!  The next great feature is the scissors.  Yes, the machine actually cuts your thread when you finish a seam.  Very handy, I must say.  The stitch selection, stitch length, tensions, etc. are all easily accessed on the touch screen.  Easy. Easy. Easy.  I'm making you seem lazy, making everything so easy.  I don't mean to but it is so convenient and .......easy.   This machine is just packed with great features and then there is the embroidery module!  You can make sweet embroideries in minutes with the Sophia II.  

On Mother's Day Saturday we ran a special promotion at the shop.  I helped a few of you make a personalized label for one of your quilts.  Here are some of the photos that I took.

These are simple but very effective for adding a personal note to a gift or you could embroider a nice motif for the center of a quilt block or to embellish a bag or little girl's dress, etc.  The black lines are temporary.  Just to help me center the designs.  By the way, as if you couldn't tell, I am not very good or experienced at machine embroidery.  With these neat machines, I don't need to be!  If I can do it, anybody can.

If you buy this machine this week, I will give you a great price (basically what I paid) and a $100.00 Gift Certificate.  This offer is only good for this week, only till July 7, while supplies last.

I will make the same fantastic deal with anyone who purchases the Baby Lock Sergers that I have on hand.  You can learn more about all of these machine here

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