Monday, June 25, 2012

My Weekend

It has been a very exciting week!  Besides business as usual at the quilt shop, it was my baby girl Sarah's 19th Birthday on Thursday.  She is expecting her first child (a boy) and we are getting very excited about   having a new person in our little family.  They are both healthy and Sarah seems to be very happy which makes me happy too!  All of this has brought on "Baby Fever" for the Christmas Crab.   I suddenly seem to think that we should have a lot of pretty, happy fabric and youthful patterns to create for the modern quilter.  (Me!).  These fabrics are from Pretty Little Things by Rowan and we have fat 1/4s, 6" charm pks, 2 1/2" strips and yardage.  Tomorrow I will show you the new bag and quilt top from these pretty little things.
On Friday, we received a large order of Quilters Dream Blend (70% cotton, 30% poly) Batting.  This batting is a favorite of the machine quilters and we are happy to have them in stock.

We also received a large order of notions which included some new girl's dress patterns to go with our beautiful new fabric lines.  On Saturday, after I closed,  I made this sweet little dress while I was waiting for DH to finish his new job orientation (about 2 hours).
 I am going to make a big flower to trim the front and a scrunchy to go with.

Sunday was my 52nd Birthday!  I stayed home and worked on several projects while Peter made me a delicious spaghetti supper.  Sarah joined us and brought me the most beautiful chocolate fudge Birthday Cake that I had ever seen.  Do I mind being older?  Well, I unintentionally age myself at the new year.  I guess it is easier for my middle aged brain to do the math than to remember whether I am 51, 52 or 60.  So, actually I am younger than I thought.  How's that?