Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Sew Savvy Quilters Club

Our customer rewards program is called 
The Sew Savvy Quilters Club.  Say that fast. 

I don't want to bore you, with what little I know about economics, but I will say that it takes tenacity and hard work to keep a small business afloat today.  One thing that I find essential to our business is the loyalty of our customers.   And loyal customers we have Thank you

 That is why, right from the first, I wanted a customer rewards program.  To give back.  The program allows a fair way for us to give a 10% discount on all regularly price quilting supplies to our loyal customers, the people who support the shop! 

To join, you simply purchase a Keytag for $2 and you're in!  When you join,we will give you a copy of the rules and  we will use the magic punch, to punch out a sewing machine symbol which is valued at $20.  If you attach the tag to your keys, we will punch out 2 more sewing machine symbols.  Already you have earned $60 towards your gift certificate!  Each time you shop, we will punch out the value of your purchase on your keytag (some restrictions apply). When the tag is completed you turn it in to us and
  1. we will give you a $25 gift certificate which you can spend on anything you wish.
  2. we will throw your completed key tag in for a drawing for a free pattern of your choice
Recently, I drew some key tags and the winners are: 
  • Doreen Antworth
  • Kathy Boone
  • Kookie Sewell
  • Marilyn Dykeman