Sunday, June 17, 2012


Well.......We received some really cool fabric yesterday and I (of course) was chomping at the bit to cut. Cut, Cut,Cut into it.  I had been anxiously awaiting it and when it came I was so excited and pleased with the quality and color, etc. that I wanted to start a new project! (picture me jumping up and down).   BUT...... I still had to put those last 2 strips on the Posie quilt I started a couple of weeks ago because if that was done, it would be ready when the quilter called for it!  Darn.  So I did it.  Then there was that ripping unstitching to do on that Apple of My Eye/Lazy Angle quilt that needed to be done so that I could finish it up.  So I did it.  When I go home tonight I will resew it correctly and it will be ready for the quilter.  Whew!.........Darn!!!! That little pouch from Aunties Two has to be sewn together.  So I did it.  Actually, it was much easier than I anticipated after I got at it....Okay, I have been so.......good.  I deserve to cut into that new Rowan fabric.  I do!  What will I make first?.....Oh, I know.  That would be perfect in that Sunday Sling Pattern from Amy Butler.  Okay, here goes!!!!!!!!