Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zig Zag
I first saw this pattern on UTube.  I love UTube.  The videos that educate and demo various techniques, that is. Well, anyway, we have so many gorgeous fabrics that you can mix and match and are perfect for this pattern, Zig Zag from the Swirly Girls book, Think Fast.  It is light and  fresh, this quilt is fresh and lovely and it was fun and simple to piece together.  You start with fat 1/4's and make a square in a square block.  No "Y" seams!

Iris and I quilted it using a Hobbs poly batt and pretty mint green snuggles on the back.  The freehand swirly pattern really shows up nicely on the front and especially well on the snuggles.  By the way, snuggles and minky and fireside all quilt well and the loft gives the quilting an extra umph!  The best part, they are soooooo cozy and warm, giving lots of comfort and joy. 
Just as a quilt should!