Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's New, Christmas Crab?

Yesterday I was talking about the abundance of great products available to us. I think I must have had the large, new order of books and notions waiting to be put out, on my mind. LOL One of my favorite aspects of owning a quilt shop is the Purchasing. I get to research new "toys" and thanks to the internet, our little country shop has access to the same goods as a large shop in a city.

I love it! I think it is sooooo cool when someone visits for the first time and looks at us with a shocked expression when they spy something brand new that they just read about in a national magazine. This only happens with the first timers because after you have been here, you kind of expect a lot more from this little country shop. While we like this, it tends to keep us hopping. Think of it. Crabs don't hop well.

After the new items are delivered we have the "task" of opening the boxes and looking and touching and reading the the product info on the packages and sometimes we even "have to" open up the item to try it. It is exhausting. LOL Fun Fun Fun

Margie Grieve showed me her fabric folding pen a couple of weeks ago and although it isn't brand new to the market, I had never used one. It is amazing, you simply draw a line with it and it makes your fabric fold easily along that line. We sell them now!

The new Martingale/That Patchwork Place Selections are wonderful books!
25% off as always!!!!

The 501 Quilting Motives is a hard cover, ring binder type of book with lots of great quilting designs for machine and hand quilting! For each design there is the single pattern, a "block" version and a "border" version. The patterns range from simple to more complex with some really nice themed ones like holly or snowflakes or pumpkins or bunnies. I only have 2 copies but I expect to order more. This is a book that everyone should have!

The Sewing Pottery By Machine has some amazing projects. I just loved, and would be very happy if someone would make me, the teapot. It has a cover and a spout and everything!!!! Those of you have made the fabric covered clothesline bowls will be ready for the projects in this book!

Inspired By Tradition. What a nice collection of pretty applique designs! Recently, I have noticed that a lot of the applique designs are either very large and simple (not challenging enough to an appliquer) or they are so complicated and designed with tiny little pieces that they turn off the hand appliquer. This book has patterns that are "just right". Challenging but doable and pretty, contemporary with a lot of tradition, too!