Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilt, Quilt, Quilt

On Sat I wrote about the process of making quilt tops. It seems that all quilters like to make tops but then it seems like we would love to have a magic wand to quilt and bind the quilt. Get're done!

I understand this, we are busy and don't have the disposable time to spend on quilting. Right? I have always machine quilted most of my own quilts and those that I felt I wanted a really good job done on, I would get Janet Melanson to quilt for me. I have always been very pleased with the quilts Janet has done for me and we have been very lucky, for a lot of years, to have her right here in our town. Now we have our own Shelley Dionne, Thereasa Stephenson in Hartland and Penny Bubar, Nancy Colpitts, Janet Spirral and others in Fredericton area offering long arm quilting services. We can sometimes find someone to hand quilt our tops for us but it is getting harder and harder as the quilters are aging and the younger women are not apt to hand quilt. I myself, love to hand quilt but due to a back problem I am not able to sit at a frame. Someday soon I am going to put a small guilt in the hoop just so I can have the pleasure of hand quilting.

What I am trying to say is, quilting is a wonderful process. Quilting adds a whole other dimension to your project and sometimes it seems to me that we are cheating ourselves out of a lot of enjoyment by passing on this part of our projects. Next time you finish a quilt consider getting involved in the quilting. Quilting is not a means to an end. Quilting is a process in itself.

We offer wonderful quilt batting at the shop! We have Hobbs poly/cotton blend and Polydown and Quilter's Dream Green (made from recycled pop bottles) and Dream Wool in crib to king size. There are lots of battings on the market but I have selected these battings for our shop because I believe them to be the best battings available. A perfect compliment to our fine quality fabrics and threads. Worthy of our efforts. Nough said? LOL