Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grammie's Boy Noah Andrew Joseph

Just in case you miss the sign, this is the view from the street of our New Maryland location.  Come in the door on the left and follow the quilts!


This sweet little quilt is on loan from Connie Fullarton.  She is an expert piecer and makes the most beautiful quilts.  We have several samples of her twister quilts at the shops and we are trying to persuade her to teach a class for us the fall.  Keep your fingers crossed.

This beautiful Rail Fence was made by Theresa Burtt.  She took Margie Grieve's Quilting 101 class last fall.  If you want to get started quilting, this is one of the very best classes for you.

I made this wall hanging with a PB& J Jelly Roll and a bit of brown for the wood and a little bit of grunge background.  It is hanging in the New Maryland shop.  I must say, it was a very fun quilt to make.  I got excited to do another each time I added a pencil!  We have the patterns and Jelly Rolls in stock.

Piece Out