Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Grand Opening of The Christmas Crab Quiltery in New Maryland, NB

Only 2 more sleeps till the New Maryland shop opens!  I would like to thank the super crew of volunteers (angels) who helped me set up the new shop on Monday.  It is sooooo true, many hands make light work and I felt so lucky to be able to leave and get home before dark, knowing that everything was all set for Thursday morning.

Today, I worked in the Woodstock shop and then went to pick up some new stock!

We have the Summer issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.

On page 43 is a photo of a quilt that I would love, love, love to make.  It is called Butternut and was inspired by a scrappy antique quilt and is shown in blues and browns.

 Some of the new patterns 

These little quilts are so sweet and you can make the appliques with wool and flannel for the background and borders.  Notice they fit on those cute little table stands!  Did I mention that working with wool is yummy?

Do not be intimidated by how these look finished-it's like "a slight of hands"!  No seams to match, no curves to cut: just amazing resuts. We also have the 9 degree rulers in stock. 

Piece Out