Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Give Away Results

Thank you to all who entered the give away.

I have just read the comments and I have published the comments that included the correct address.  There are 44 comments and the winning number is 39 who is Marilyn at nlcalendar.  Please stop in and pick up your Everlastings Layer Cake Marilyn.

I wanted to share one of the cutest things that I have seen on a quilt.  I am speaking about the Moose but actually that Mountie is pretty cute too!  I took this photo at the Sussex Vale Quilters' Guild Show "Sweet Threads of Life" where I was a vendor.   Linda H at Stitch Lines has done a wonderful pictorial of the event!  Linda says that Gail, "rocked the show".  She did indeed but I must say that the show was a wonderful display of very well made quilts.  All the members did a great job!

I love being a vendor, cause I get to spend 2 or 3 days with lots of beautiful quilts and I get to check them out individually, a few times while I am there. You see, usually when I enter a quilt show or a  large, new quilt shop, I get so overwhelmed that I can't seem to "take in" the things that I would like to.  I have been to several shows where I couldn't recall the quilts after I left.  I know, I know, that is why we carry a camera....  Anyway, that is why I love being a vendor, so that I can look at my leisure and go back as my mood changes, which is not very often at all. LOL

I will have another chance to soak up quilts next week at the Keswick Ridge quilt show on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 19 and 20.

Speaking of well made quilts.  Here is a little treat that I would like to share with you!

My mum, the late Lottie Steeves of Hartland, NB made this quilt and entered it in the Saint John Bicentennial Quilt Show in 1976.  She researched the history of Saint John and then designed and made this beautiful, appliqued quilt.  There is lots of lovely hand embroidery and quilting. 

Charlie and his wife had purchased the quilt from Mum years ago and now, in their golden years, they wanted it to come home to New Brunswick.  They have donated it to Connell House, Woodstock where we, at some point,  will all be able to go and see it and  get inspired. 

I had seen this quilt, many times,  as she worked on it, block by block and when it was finished and with a ribbon pinned to it  and  in the newspaper articles.............but I didn't quilt then. 

When Charlie brought it into the shop and unfolded it, I was blown away!!  The work, the talent, the skill of my dear mother who worked hard all her life with no more than a grade 8 education and the gumption of a general.  I was so proud, so thrilled, so blessed. 


That's what you gave me Charlie.  Thanks a million!  

I will show you more blocks in the future.