Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What else is new?

You know when you are trying to do a lot of different things, sometimes you are so busy with one thing, that you kind of let another thing, a great thing, slide by unnoticed?  We have been receiving so much new fabric and patterns and buttons and batting that I have not had the chance to show you my Boho Bali Messenger Bag. 

I saw a sample of this bag in April and knew that some of us would like it and I had to have it!  I ordered the patterns and made my own sample and I love it!  There are some unusual techniques used to personalize this bag which makes working on it a fun filled and joyous time.  For instance the "bag fabric" is quilted with random doodles (you get to play!) and covered with colorful patches anchored down with raw edge stitching in contrasting  thread (you don't have to color inside the lines!). 
Even the straps are doodled!  The sides are oval gussets that you get to bind and add grommets to.  I ran out of black and decided to use the Birthday Fat Quarter from WQG to bind mine.   A very happy accident!!!!  Sometime you really should listen to that crazy, goofy women within yourself. 

I was so pleased with the way this bag turned out.  Can you guess what the lining color is?  Like me on face book and leave your guess in the  face book comment area. In return, you can pick out a Free Fat Quarter the next time you come in or ask me to mail it to you.

By the way, on the previous post, we started a contest.  Click on the No Comment and a pop up window will come up to allow you to enter your answer.  Remember, you must go back to that post to enter.