Friday, May 18, 2012

An Open Invitation!

Hi Everyone

Here at the shop, it is Sew With Jo Day.  Each Friday you are invited to come into the classroom and work on your own project.  Ellen usually brings some things that she wants to finish (she is fast) and Barb usually brings a large project that she is working away on (she is slow).  I love these two and we would welcome a couple more kindred spirits to join us. 

As I mentioned earlier there really is no focus.  We all pretty much do as we please (except Peter LOL) pretty much of the time.  "And that is how it should be", says The Christmas Crab with an exception.  For the next few Fridays we will be focusing on the Lazy and Lovin It Technique!  I know, some of us need not actually put focus on this but I am referring to the quilting technique developed by Joan Hawley.  I gave 2 demos on this last weekend and I must say, I am sold.  I love cutting out these quilts, sewing them is straight assembly line easy and the block possibilities are endless!  In the book, she mentions 250 but with our color and fabric pattern, the skies the limit as far as I can see.

By the end of day, yesterday we had received new fabric from Robert Kaufman, Moda, Riley Blake and Nortcott!  It is still laying on the classroom table where we feverishly unwrapped the packages last night!  Picture two young kids left to "dig in" on Christmas morning.  What fun!  I will post some pictures later and you will be able to see exactly what we have on the website shopping page ASAP.

Join us.

Piece Out