Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Debbie Mumm's Polar Pals

We have just received Debbie Mumm's new flannel line, Polar Pals. The flannel is rich and soft and bright and reaches out and grabs ya, like Debbie Mumm always does! What could be better? Well, let me tell you. We have a free pattern to give with your purchase! I was inspired by the free pattern and decided to make my own version. I am doing a version of the "6 hour quilt" with mostly blue on one side and the red/blue/cream on the other. I am washing my flannel now. Can't wait to get started!!! Check back in a couple of weeks to see the finished quilt. That's what I love about quilting. You see one quilt or pattern and decide to make it but maybe change this or that and it ends up being your own. Three people could start with the same fabric and idea and end up with three different designs. How fun!

By the way, this is the third quilt I have started this week!