Thursday, December 9, 2010

Schnibbles Club

On Wednesday, Shelley hosted the December meeting of the Schnibbles Club.  There is never a dull moment for the Schnibblers!  Shelley is always very well prepared and shares lots of tips with the group.  I try to do my work and mind my business but they seem so interested and busy that I want to see, too! 
Janet is trying the rotating cutting mat to trim an easy peasy pinwheel block while the rest of the group waits their turn!

Janet and Judy had show and tell for us.  

Tomorrow, we are having the Christmas Open House and Sale and I am both excited and nervous!  I get excited because I love it when the shop is full of quilters.  I am among my people and absolutely at home.  But...for some reason, I feel a little uneasy just before hand.  What will I forget?  Does anyone have time to come in today?  Will they like the refreshments and demos.  Will the people who attend the demos be pleased with their gift bags?  Will we have enough Dukeshires apple cider?  Oh well, guess I should give thanks for the "worries" I have.  Life is good.